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New electronic Tensioners dedicated to the finest wire range! ALTIC, the world-leading coil winding tensioner specialist is once again introducing a major improvement on the market with its brand new electronic tensioners ETC120 and ETC 250 series. Based on a true closed loop wire tension control system, these electronic tensioners are dedicated to the finest wire range (roughly 0.03 to 0.18 mm diameter / AWG 48 to 33). Wire tension management of the finest magnet wire diameters is made possible through the association of exclusive electro-mechanical brake technology, embedded microcontroller and high accuracy load cell.

The new ALTIC ETC 120 and ETC 250 wire tensioners provide highly accurate and stable wire tension which enable coils manufacturers to dramatically reduced wire breakage ans tension loss, and therefore to improve productivity by reducing time and rough material loss during production. Real time readout of the wire tension allows better quality management improvement for the top demanding industries such as automotive, aeromautics and domestic appliance. In addition, this brand new design allows ALTIC to offer such advanced technology at the lowest level of price on the worlwide markets.

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ALTIC has moved !
ALTIC has just moved into a brand new spacious building especially designed to meet its needs, and with a view to offering even better service to its customers and partners. The offices and workshop are built in compliance with the Environmentally High Quality (HQE) standard and are both bigger and lighter.

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New tensioner for the cable industry Especially dedicated to the Cable Industry, this new tensioner gives an up-to-date solution to the complex and well known problem that users meet when unspooling up to 30 copper wires for the same primary bobbin.

ALTIC’s multiwire tensioners guarantee accurate tension regulation throughout the entire the process due to an electronic closed loop control system.

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High precision Tension Meters

Now available: a full range of mechanical and digital Tension Meters.

The world’s most popular Tension Meters, extensively used in major coil winding, fiber optics, textile and synthetic materials manufacturing.
This full range of highly specialised devices provides the consistent high quality control which is required by achieving accurate and reliable real time wire tension measurement.

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